So much more than just photography!

Photography is important to the image we all project. Perhaps given the opportunity I could make a difference to you or your business, whether it is in the shape of images, design or brand awareness... or maybe a combination of all those elements.

The site is constantly evolving and I repopulate it continually with fresh images showcasing the work I undertake. I have a separate more commercial site that clients can access and download work from... I have been commissioned by a company called Showlite to assist in their rebranding exercise by completely reshooting images for  not only for their main website but also for their social media campaign, the images produced bring me back to my roots of wet developing and printing all those years ago. Click the Showlite name above to go to their website... 

"I believe that a good image is as much the result of good team work as it is about technical ability behind the lens. For me it is important that photoshoots are fun. But this does not detract from the hard work and attention to detail that is used to achieve the final image" - David Edwards   

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David Edwards

David Edwards

The images on this site are taken and digitally processed by David Edwards who is the principal photographer of Edwards Bonding Solutions Ltd of which Image61 is a division.

David has been a freelance photographer for a number of years and though originally primarily published in outdoor interest titles he now works almost exclusively within fashion and the performing arts. His images are also to be found illustrating books, magazines and adverts relating to his passion and business interests within recreational fishing. Commercial work includes product and lifestyle images for corporate literature and online shopping sites. David also undertakes event photography under the banner of one of the largest agencies in London. In addition to portrait and portfolio work for models, actors and dancers he is now part of the team on the periodical; PHOTOSHOOT Magazine as both photographer and product reviewer. 

David is comfortable working to a brief or assisting in design layout and look of images.

Although David has worked with international commissions he is keen on promoting local communities through local businesses and is a co-founder of the West Kirby Business Network.


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